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Spicy Mini Twister

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Price: R 39,90

The Spicy Mini Twister is a new addition to the KFC twister menu. The main ingredients that fill the soft tortilla are lettuce, 1 spicy and crunchy mini fillet with Tabasco flavored sauce, Tomato Slices, Colonel dressing, and a slice of cheese.

Mini Twister is a perfect match with this combination of ingredients for spice lovers. 


  • Chicken mini fillets
  • Palmolein Oil
  • Colonel dressing
  • Sliced cheese
  • Cake wheat flour
  • Tortilla
  • Tomato Slices
  • Lettuce
  • Crispy
  • Tabasco-flavored sauce


  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Gluten
  • Mustard 
  • MSG
  • Celery
  • Milk / Lactose
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Egg
  • Soya 

Spicy Mini Twister Wrap Recipe

How to Prepare It? 

Spicy mini twisters are very easy to make. First, you will gather the ingredients.

  • Now take the lettuce leaves and wash them. Then cut the leaves into small pieces.
  • Take fresh tomatoes, cut them into pieces, and keep them in the fridge.
  • To prepare the chicken fillets, wash the boneless chicken in a bowl. Then cut the chicken into small pieces.
  • To marinate the chicken, take a bowl and add soy sauce, salt, red chili powder, garlic powder, and black pepper powder. Mix them well and marinate the chicken pieces properly.
  • In another bowl, add flour and herbs of your choice, like black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, and cornstarch, and mix gently. In another bowl, mix eggs and milk well.
  • After that, take out the marinated chicken and coat it in the flour mixture, then dip it in the egg mixture and finally coat it in the breadcrumbs.
  • Now preheat the oil and fry the chicken fillets until cooked well.
  • Place the tortillas on a plate and spread the Colonel dressing. Pick a piece of chicken fillet and dip it into the Tabasco-flavored sauce.
  • Now place the chicken fillets on the tortilla and add lettuce, Chinese slices, and tomato slices on it.
  • Carefully roll the tortilla and wrap it in paper.
  • Your mini twister is ready, you can serve it with Tabasco-flavored sauce.

Our Review

The deliciously spicy Mini Twister is all the more appealing due to its recent presence on South African menus. The Mini Twister offers a combination of flavors and textures—spicy, sour, and salty—with a little crunch.

The chicken fillets are juicy and spicy with a Tabasco-flavored sauce. The tortilla is soft but professionally wrapped. So, all the toppings remain in place right from the first to the last bite.

Moreover, the mini twister contains some allergens like Sulfur Dioxide, Gluten, Mustard, MSG, Celery, Milk / Lactose, Sesame Seeds, Egg, and Soya. Also, check the nutritional content before ordering.

NoteAll the information regarding ingredients, allergens, and nutritional reports is sourced from the official KFC menu in South Africa.


The KFC mini spicy twister contains lettuce, 1 spicy and crunchy mini fillet with Tabasco flavored sauce, Tomato Slices, Colonel dressing, and a slice of cheese. 

The price of the mini spicy twister is R 39,90. 

Yes, the Mini spicy Twister is crunchy, spicy, and juicy because of the spicy chicken fillets with Tabasco-flavored sauce. 

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