KFC Voucher & Gift Cards – How to Get Them?

KFC allows its customers to buy digital gift cards and KFC vouchers from their official website. These gift cards are bought online and sent to you via SMS. Moreover, you can enter the amount of your choice or select it from the given choices. You can use these gift cards for about 3 years after the purchase date. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss all about how you get the new KFC digital gift card and what to do if you lose it.

KFC Vouchers

Why does KFC offer its vouchers?

KFC offers special discounts and deals through vouchers to attract more customers. If KFC adds new items or the latest menus, they introduce a gift card for them with a discount. This helps KFC promote its food and is also good for market strategies. Moreover, you can also gift these KFC vouchers to your loved ones as a gift on some special occasions. 

How to get a Digital Gift Card on KFC?

If you want to get a gift card at KFC, then you need to follow the following process:

  • Open the official website of KFC and scroll down until the last.
  • On the footer bar, click on “KFC Voucher,” and you will see another interface.
  • Here, first, you need to enter your information, such as your name and email.
  • After that, enter the voucher details, such as the recipient name, recipient phone number, and amount of digital gift cards you need to buy.
  • Click on “Confirm.”
  • Lastly, enter the payment details and again click on “Confirm.”
  • Soon, you will receive a KFC Digital Gift Card via SMS.

What to do if you lose your KFC voucher?

Here are some steps that you need to know if you lose your voucher. Follow the process to get a new one. 

  • Go to the official website of KFC. 
  • On the home screen, scroll down to the last and click on “KFC Voucher.”
  • Here you can see a button, “Re-Send Voucher Details.”
  • Click on it, and they will demand your phone number. 
  • Enter your active number, and they will send a code number to that number. 
process to recover lost voucher

Does KFC offer its digital card in bulk?

Yes, KFC offers its digital card in bulk. You can order more than 20 digital cards from KFC. To buy these gift cards, you need to send an email to KFC at [email protected]. Keep in mind that you need to buy all of these gift cards in separate transactions if you send these digital gift cards to more than 2 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What payment methods does KFC accept?

KFC only accepts these payment methods:

  1. Masterpass
  2. Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card

Q. Can a person receive a digital gift card if he does not have a smartphone?

Yes, they still receive a digital gift card number. You just need to have a phone that receives text SMS. KFC sends you an SMS within 24 hours. 

Q. Can anyone order more than 5 digital gift cards in one attempt?

No, it is not possible if anyone wants to order more than 5 digital gift cards for 5 different cell phones/people. However, KFC is working on its update, and maybe in the future they will offer this service to its users, and within one transaction they will add different numbers. 

Q. What is the expiration date of the KFC Digital gift card?

KFC Digital gift card expire after 3 years of purchase. 

Q. Does KFC offer other values instead of the values displayed on the voucher page?

Yes, KFC allows you to get the value of your own choice for your digital gift card. Here is the process:

  • You can buy a digital gift card by clicking on “Other”.
  • Enter the amount of the voucher you want to buy. 
  • Once you enter the amount, click on “Confirm Amount.”

Q. Can KFC allow you to refund KFC’s digital gift card?

Yes, you can refund it until it is not redeemed. It takes more than 5 days to complete the process. To refund it, you need to contact [email protected].”

Q. Why does KFC demand your email when you buy a digital gift card?

Once your transaction is completed, KFC sends you an email along with invoice details. 

Q. Did KFC store your personal data?

No, KFC does not store your personal data without your permission or consent.