KFC Treats Menu with Prices in South Africa 2024

KFC menu in South Africa offers a variety of delicious and fresh treats, such as Oreo Krusher, Chocolate Sundae, Strawberry Milkshake, Kit Kat Sundae, Soft Twirl With Choc, Verry Berry Krusher etc. Whether you prefer chocolate flavor or fruit, all the creamy and sweet flavors are available on the KFC Treats menu. Look below to see the details about the KFC Treats menu.

KFC Treats Menu with Prices

Nutrients Report of KFC Treats Menu South Africa

You know that nutrients are more important to provide energy to the body for better growth. However, if you consume balanced nutrients that not only fulfill the body’s energy requirements but also help to solve your health issues,. So, here I am going to share with you the general report about the KFC Treats menu. 

Products Energy(KJ) Proteins(g)Carbs(g)Fats (g)
Verry Berry Krusher11.01.01.0
Oreo Krusher11.01.01.0
Chocolate Sundae11.01.01.0
Mixed Berry Sundae11.01.01.0
Strawberry Milkshake12598.242.010.4
Chocolate Milkshake 12588.442.010.5
Virgin Mojito Sparkling Krusher00.00.00.0
Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher11.01.01.0
Kit Kat Sundae11.01.01.0
Oreo Sundae2001.01.01.0
Soft Twirl With Choc11.01.01.0

Why are KFC Treats popular?

South Africans like to drink cock and sweets. They have a range of options. One of the best is KFC Treats due to its unique and secret recipes. Here are some of the highlights that make KFC Treats popular:

  • KFC provides smooth, creamy, chocolaty, refreshing, fruity drinks with a blend of special sweets and ingredients, making them more yummy and appealing due to their excellent taste.
  • Africans have more options to try according to their mood for a chocolate flavor or fruity flavor; that’s why KFC Treats gained popularity.
  • The price is also reasonable, not more expensive. So, getting access for everyone is easy, not more difficult.
KFC Treats Menu with Prices in South Africa

Are KFC Treats Good for Your Diet?

KFC focuses on quality. So, the owners aim to offer healthy items. However, each item on KFC Treats Menu contains different amounts of nutrients, such as calories, fats, carbs, etc.

So, you must check the nutrient details to choose the sweet treat according to your diet. Maybe these KFC treats are healthy for someone but may be unhealthy for your health. So, balance your diet and consume items according to your health requirements.

Allergens in KFC Treats Menu

Each item on the KFC Treats menu is a blend of different and various ingredients. However, each ingredient contains different allergens. Hence, here are some of the Allergens contained in the KFC Treats Menu. 

  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Gluten 
  • Milk/Lactose
  • Nuts/Nut Products
  • Soya
  • Sesame Seed
  • Egg

Additionally, you can ask the staff to check official websites to find the right one for your desired items. Staff are also well trained, so they will guide you quickly. So take care of your health to enjoy quality of life.

How many types of Krusher does KFC offer?

KFC offers many Krushers on its Treats menu. These sweet treats make your meal more tasty and yummy. These including:

  • Oreo Krusher
  • Verry Berry Krusher
  • Virgin Mojito Sparkling Krusher
  • Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher

Do Frozen KFC Treats Taste the Same?

KFC always advises using them fresh. There is no guarantee that the taste will be the same. So, you should order KFC treats when you need them. Otherwise, you can wait longer and order when you need to.

Is the KFC Treats menu Budget Friendly?

Yes, all of the items in KFC Treats are affordable and not very expensive. However, the KFC Treats menu is budget-friendly, depending on your budget and preference. However, the range of the prices is between R 9,90 and R 44,90. While the price depends on the ingredients and items you buy, as I have already mentioned above, the item’s price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the Treats that are offered on KFC’s current menu? 

KFC offers a lot of Treats on its menu, including the Very Berry Krusher, Oreo Krusher, Chocolate Sundae, Mixed Berry Sundae, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Virgin Mojito Sparkling Krusher, Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling Krusher, Kit Kat Sundae, Oreo Sundae, and Soft Twirl With Choc. 

Q. How do you pay for items at KFC? 

KFC offers the facility for online delivery. So, you can use a debit or credit card for payment. 

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