KFC Twisters Menu with Prices in South Africa 2024

Twisters are the most popular item on the KFC menu. KFC offers a variety of Twisters, including Boxmaster, Boxmaster Zinger, Classic Twister, Sweet Chilli Twister, Spicy Mini Twister, and Wrapsta, on their Twister menu. Check out the details about the KFC Twisters menu below.

KFC Twisters Menu with Prices

KFC Twisters Meal Price in South Africa

KFC Twisters MealPrice
Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle (1 wrapsta, Small chips, buddy bottle & 1 piece of chicken)R 84,90
Wrapsta Box with Regular Drink (1 Wrapsta, small chips, 1 piece of chicken, & regular drink)

Nutrients Report of KFC Twisters Menu South Africa

Nutrients are an important part of food because they offer energy to the body. While the Nutrient amount depends on factors like twister size, ingredients, preparation process, etc. So, if you have any health issues, you must read the calories and nutrients report before eating. Here, I will provide you with a general report about the nutrients below. 

Items Energy(KJ) Proteins(g)Carbs(g)Fats (g)
Boxmaster Zinger11.01.01.0
Classic Twister114726.713.012.2
Sweet Chilli Twister122926.921.011.1

Why is KFC Twisters Menu popular?

One of the most demanded fast foods from the KFC menu is the Twisters, for many reasons. Let’s talk about one of them. 

  • KFC offers many kinds of twisters, including Boxmaster, Boxmaster Zinger, Classic Twister, Sweet Chilli Twister, and Wrapsta.
  • These are easy to carry and handle during eating because all ingredients are wrapped in a soft tortilla with good handling. 
  • Twisters are portable; anyone can eat while walking, diving, working, etc. It is perfect for a busy lifestyle. 
  • Twists are the combination of chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise sauces, and other ingredients that make them appealing. 
  • Crispy and crunchy chicken strips and the fresh lettuce and tomatoes make it more yummy and a favorite choice for people in South Africa.
KFC Twisters menu

KFC Twisters Menu Allergen Information

Many foods can cause an allergic reaction. So, the KFC Twisters menu can also cause allergies. Therefore, you must ask the staff about their allergies before ordering Twisters or check the allergen details before eating them. 

Here are some of the allergens that are mostly contained in the KFC Twisters menu: Spruce Dioxide, Gluten, Milk, Soy, Egg, Celery, Mustard, Sesame Seeds, and MSG.

Does KFC use real chicken in their Twisters menu?

Yes, the chicken used on the Twisters menu at KFC South Africa is 100% real and pure. Chicken is sourced from sustainable and ethical resources that provide 100% pure white chicken meat.

Are vegetarian options available at KFC for Twisters?

No, at KFC in South Africa, only non-vegetarian Twisters options are available. However, you can customize your Twister by adding and removing the ingredients to make it vegetarian. While it can affect your Twister, the cost may increase or decrease.

Are KFC Twisters Budget-Friendly?

The KFC twisters are budget-friendly or not, which varies depending on your preferences, ingredients, and financial circumstances. I have already mentioned the prices of the Twisters above in the table. You can check them out. 

However, you can also get these Twister Meal Boxes with drinks, chicken pieces, and chips that are more affordable. Overall, the KFC Twisters menu price ranges from R 39,90 to R 78,90.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of KFC Twisters Menu is in South Africa?

KFC Twisters are the best option for fast food, which include, Boxmaster, Boxmaster Zinger, Classic Twister, Sweet Chilli Twister, and Wrapsta.  

Q. Can I see the KFC Twisters nutrient information on the menu

No, these nutrients and calorie information are not available on the KFC menu. However, you can visit the sites that provide information about the Nutrients. Also, you can ask the staff about the nutrients they will guide you with. 

Q. What is included in the KFC Meal Box? 

KFC Meal boxes contain different fast food items. Each Box item includes Wrappsta, Small chips, 1 piece of chicken, and drinks. So, you can select one of them or both according to your preference and budget. 

Q. Can you customize your KFC Meal Box? 

Yes, KFC Menu offers the facility to customize the Meal Box by adding or removing the ingredients according to your preference. 

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