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Piece Bucket

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15 Piece Bucket: R 279,90
21 Piece Bucket: R365,90

A Piece Bucket from KFC Menu normally contains a variety of chicken pieces in it. These chicken pieces include chicken breasts, wings, drumsticks, and thighs.

The chicken in it is coated with a layer of crunch and chicken in it offers a delicious and tender flavor. Chicken buckets surely satisfy your cravings and you can also share them with your friends and family. 


  • Breading Salt 
  • Palmolein Oil 
  • Chicken – Imor Cob
  • Breading flour
  • Mil and Egg Mix
  • Seasoning


  • MSG
  • Celery
  • Gluten 
  • Suplhur Dioxide
  • Egg 
  • Mustard
  • Milk
  • Sesame Seeds

Nutritional Report of 21 Piece Bucket

NutrientsPer Portion 
21 Piece Bucket15 Piece Bucket 
Energy 7 KJ 13 KJ 
Carbohydrate 7.0g2.0g
Sodium 7mg4mg
Average Serving Size 7g12g
Protein 7.0g12.0g
Total Fat7.0g2.0g
Carbohydrate, Sugars7.0g7.0g
Saturated Fat 7.0g2.0g
Nutritional Report of 21 Piece Bucket

Our Review

Chicken bucket pieces are the best choice for you if you going out with your family on a picnic or having a party with your friends. It offers you a tender and delicious chicken which is layered with a crunchy coating. 

However, if we talk about 21 Piece Bucket nutrients, it contains a high amount of calories and fats. So, avoid overeating and maintain your diet. 

Be cautious about your health and also follow your diet plan. However, it has some allergens that may cause some serious health issues. 

These allergens are Egg, Mustard, MSG, Celery, Sesame Seeds, Gluten, Suplhur Dioxide, and Milk. So, make sure these allergens harm your health or not.

NoteAll the information regarding ingredients, allergens, and nutritional reports is sourced from the official KFC menu in South Africa.


The KFC family bucket contains 10 chicken pieces, 2 large sides & a large bottle, and 4 regular signature fries. 

The standard bucket of KFC contains 2 thighs, 2 breasts, 2 wings, and 3 drumsticks in it. 

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