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Sprite Sugar Buddy

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Price: R 26,90

The Sprite Sugar Buddy is a refreshing Sprite drink with a sweet and citrusy flavor beverage on the KFC Drinks Menu. Sprite is a popular lemon lime-flavored soft drink that fulfills your thirst.

You can enjoy it with any of the KFC meals from the menu, as it complements any meal and enhances the meal’s taste.

Nutritional Report of Sprite Sugar Buddy

NutrientsPer Portion
Trans Fatty Acids1.0g
Mono-unsaturated Fat 1.0g
Saturated Fat1.0g
Poly-unsaturated Fat1.0g
Total Fat1.0g
Total Dietary Fiber1.0g
Vitamin C1.0mg
Sodium1 mg
Vitamin A1.0 RE
Nutritional Report of Sprite Sugar Buddy

Why is Sprite Sugar Buddy popular?

This Buddy offers an enjoyable flavor that complements KFC’s menu items. This is popular because it attracts customers looking for unique and refreshing beverage options. The lemon-lime flavor of this sprite provides a soothing effect on a hot day. 

Moreover, it perfectly matches any fast food item and enhances the taste of that meal. These features make this soft drink popular among people.

NoteAll the information regarding ingredients, allergens, and nutritional reports is sourced from the official KFC menu in South Africa.


The KFC serving the Sprite on its menu is in Lemon Lime flavor which most people prefer—this is a cool and refreshing flavor of Sprite.

If we talk about any Soft drinks, these all are not healthy for the body. It contains carbonated content which is not good for health.

The different flavors of Sprite are:

  • Lemon Lime
  • Cranberry 
  • Cherry 
  • Grape 
  • Ginger 
  • Tropical, etc

The most popular drink in South Africa is Coca-Cola, but Fanta and Sprite are popular too. It mainly depends on your choice and preference. 

The purchasing option depends on the offers on the KFC menu. Mostly the beverages on its menu can be purchased separately or as a part of any combo meal. 

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